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Candle with crystals and flowers

€ 45,00 (including VAT)

Inside this candle are essensial oils, colour, litlle crystals and flowers.

Pastel Greenery (Black container):

Fragrance: Different kinds of flowers
Crystals: tiger eyes, aventurine
Flowers: rose petals, lavendel, lemon balm

Pastel Greenery (white containers):

Fragrance: Different kinds of flowers
Flowers: Chamomile
Crystals: amethyst, adventurine

Aquamarine citrus berry (Black container):

Fragrance: citrus en red berry 
Flowers: rosebuds, chamomile
Crystals: tigers eye

Our candles burn +/- 65 hours
This time can change and that has everything to do with how you take care of your candles.
When you order on our website you always get a candle care card with your order so you know how to care for the candle.

Because we do not use any chemical stabilizers the candle can have a "frosting"effect. This does not effect the candle. And if you do not like to look of it we recommend you not to order a transparent candle container.

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