Crystals (gemstones)

Which crystal do we use in our candles.
Welke kristallen voeg ik toe aan mijn kaarsen

  • Amethyst ( rough and polished)
  • Amber (rough) 
  • Mountain crystal (rough and polished)
  • Blue calcite (rough)
  • Carneool (rough and polished)
  • Rose quartz (rough and polished)
  • Aventurine (rough and polished)
  • Opaline (rough and polished)
  • Tigers eye (polished)



Aventurine is a stone of prosperity.  It reinforces leadership qualities and decisiveness.  Promotes compassion and empathy.  Encourages perseverance.  Aventurine relieves stammers and severe neuroses.  It stabilises one’s state of mind, stimulates perception and enhances creativity.  Aids in seeing alternatives and possibilities.  Calms anger and irritation.  Promotes feelings of well-being.  Aventurine balances male-female energy.  It encourages regeneration of the heart.  Protects against environmental pollution.

Aventurine benefits the thymus gland and nervous system.  It balances blood pressure and stimulates the metabolism, lowering cholesterol.  Aventurine has an anti-inflammatory effect and eases skin eruptions, allergies, migraines, and soothes the eyes.  It heals lungs, sinuses, heart, muscular and urogenital systems.

Zodiac sign
Taurus, Gemini, Virgo.


Amthyst is purple and a form of quarts. On a physical, Amethyst also associated with healthy cell regenaration, encouraging soothing sleep and rest, hormonal balance and reduce stress.Amethyst is protective, purifying, relaxing, brings harmony and inner rest. Physically help with a postive effect on the brain and nerve system, bruises, headaches,migraine and any form of anxiety. 

Zodiac sign
Pisces, Aquarius


Amber is a powerfull cleansing crystal which changes negative energy and pain to positive energy and therefor brings balance. Amber will help you to stay stable, creative and happy. This crystal reduces depression, stress and negative toughts.

Zodiac sign
Leo, cancer, virgo, gemini.

Mountain Crystal:

Mountain crystal is a healing crystal. The crystal is purifying, cooling ( example: burns), pain-killing, fever reducer, stimulates the imumesystem and it will bring your body in balance. 

Zodiac sign
Leo, Capricorn


Blue calcite:

Calcite activate and stimulate physical, spiritual growth. This crystal is motivating, boost self confidence, ambition, stability. It gives you the feeling of hoop and courage.

Zodiac sign
Gemini, virgo, sagittarius, pisces, aries.


Carneool gifts strenght, energy, courage and perseverance.  The stone activates, motivates and stimulates creativity. It boost the feeling of self-confidence and self-esteem. Carneool lessens the feeling of jealousy and can help you to defend yourself.

Zodiac sign
Aries, cancer, leo, virgo.


Opaline is a menmade stone. Opaline is a mysterious looking stone with a beautiful sine to it and because of his appearance loved by alot of people. Opoline can be used for infactions, swollen lymph notes and inner peace. Opaline helps relief hedeache, a cold and gives you extra energie. Opaline same as Amethyst helps for sleep disturbances. 

Zodiac sign
Cancer, scorpio, sagittarius, pisces.

Rose quarts:

Rose quarts is the gemstone of your heart and love. This gemstone will open the hart to recieve and give love. Rose quarts has a mild, soft function and it works calming by grief. Rose quarts helps by trauma and favor empathie, clarity, helpfulness. The gemstone helps physical for your heart, fertility, breast and lung ailments and prevents vertigo. And as last rose quarts also helps against old age disceases like dementia.

Zodiac sign
Taurus, libra

Tigers eye:

Tigers eye aid rest, pain-killing, and helps with the over stimulated overprikkeldheid nerve system and goes against hyperventilate. The gemstone has a postive influence on a cold, astma, eyes, throat, genitals en calms the tension in your body. Tigers eye can be usesfull for people with depression.

Zodiac sign
Gemini, leo

Do you want a different combination of crystals, and can't find it in our webshop?
Let us know so we can see what we can do for you so we can find something what is fitting for your candle.


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